2019 – Who would have thought? 21 years operating in Norway – Here’s to 2019!

Lofoten Islands – A Sea Kayakers Dream

Kayak More Tomorrow, setting the standard in the outdoor industry. We provide the most in-depth, detailed information on your chosen route, current climatic conditions, sea state, tides & currents, tips and recommendations based on our extensive experience paddling these waterways, everything you need for a fun, safe, paddle along Norway’s majestic coastline.  

Now, after 2 decades operating in the outdoors there are other options for those who don’t want a quality trip. Here is some insight on what is out there. Over the years we have noticed that one of the biggest dangers along the coast are so-called leader/guides from other companies. They have led many a paddler astray with poor information and just plain wrong advice. This has not only ruined trips for our customers and other paddlers, it has led to seriously dangerous situations along the coast; the most amazing thing is that even though they are so poorly trained and educated they don’t keep their mouth shut but they just shout out wrong information to anyone they meet.

There is no other sea kayak company in Norway that offers a close comparison of the knowledge, professionalism, and experience of KMT; it is therefore that we are the most expensive, quality costs.

At KMT we don’t compete in price and we surpass all others in quality; therefore, if you don’t want to spend what it costs to go with us, please do send us useless requests, just go with a second-rate Norwegian provider. We are far too busy assisting those who want the best outdoor trips available in Norway.

Second-Rate: operators that don’t have the education, training or experience to offer quality outdoor programs.  

Having worked in the outdoor industry for over 40 years and having the opportunity to test countless operators in all realms of the outdoor industry, I speak with infinite knowledge when outlining the industry in Norway.

Here are 2 clues for going with the right company in Norway; it is very simple:

1. if you want to go with a certified guide in the Mountains, then only IFMGA guides are certified, all other are not.

2. if you want to go with a certified guide sea kayaking, then only NHKGIF are certified, all others are not.